Empiriclally informed Ethics: Morality between Facts and Norms

Springer-Verlag 2014

Lived value systems as a criterion for personnel selection and development


RADIX® - Online-tool for the assessment of a person's value compass

Has a person action-guiding values and attitudes, which correspond to the Code of Conduct of the company, the mission statement and the company's philosophy? What value systems influence his / her decisions - what are the consequences?


The result of the test shows the extent to which the values of a person in a professional context match with the corporate values. It is the starting point for the in-depth evaluation of the way how a person deals with risks and behaves in professional dilemmas.


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Certification of HR Professionals


The assessment and classification of values requires in-depth knowledge on topics such as "corporate responsibility", "integrity" and "compliance". It requires a confrontation with top current issues around "ethics in business" and the reflection of one's own position. Therefore the use of the instrument RADIX® requires careful training.


The certification enables you to use the instrument RADIX® professionally. It gives you the opportunity to make an informed assessment of values and the credibility of a person. This training contributes significantly to your skills development.


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